I admire their ability to survive in such a harsh environment, they overcome so many obstacles; fight off predators or loose to them but still many the of species survives to delight us again and again so they are not so helpless after all.

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Who am I? A friend or foe?

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Assasin BugLove Bugs

This Assasin Bug or Threadlegged bugs on the left are members of the subfamily (EMESINAE),
the western bloodsucking consenose as Triaatoma protracta or Selus sp. will feed on
caterpillars but these look alike Onceopeltus fasciatus (LYGAEIDAE)/ Lovebugs on the right that
will not.

Polistes major Beauvois (VESPIDAE)
Polistes major
(Beauvois 1818) / Tropical Wasp

Anolis conspersus / Cayman blue-throated anole

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