I am greatly appreciative to the people that were involved in the process of producing this web site, for me to be able to share their beauty with you.

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Please respect the efforts that was put into building this website.

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DR Lee D. Miller and DR Jacqueline Y. Miller authors of "The Butterflies of the West Indies and South Florida" by David Spencer Smith, DR Lee D. Miller and DR Jacqueline Y. Miller from the "Mc Guire Center of the FLORIDA MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY ", to have contributed to the high level of professionalism of this site with their excellent archived specimen photographs and for their time identifying specimens.

DR Richard Askew
Very kindly offered his time and expertise identifying specimens and updating our Cayman Butterfly list.

Cayman Free Press and Mr. Justin Uzzell
I am thankful for Mr. Uzzell's countless hours and professional photography thus preserving these fragile insects for all to appreciate.

Mr. Courtney Platt
Shared with us his very high quality field photographs. www.courtneyplatt.com

Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park for the advertisement on their web site and where you will be able to see them all in their natural setting.

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