Danaus eresimus tethys / Soldier (Cramer 1777)

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DANAIDAE Colour Plates

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Male Soldier
© Justin Uzzell
Collector: Joanne Ross

Plate 1 p.39

Danaus gilippus bernice / Queen has 6 antanas
The sap of the Host Plants that is consumed by the larvae, contains poisonous glycosides, this will make the butterfly later on distasteful to birds.

The difference between
 Danaus eresimus tethys / Soldier on the left
and Danaus gilippus bernice / Queen on the right

Danaus eresimus tethys / SoldierDanaus gilippus bernice / QueenDanaus gilippus bernice / Queen

The spot on the lower hind wing is a little pouch called
"androconial pouches" made of modified scales that contains
pheromones or male scent used during courtship.
The male will give off a dusting of pheromone onto the female
when the male hovers over her in courtship.

Androconial pouche

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