Phoebis sennae sennae / Cloudless Sulphur (Linnaeus 1758)

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PIERIDAE Color Plate

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© Justin Uzzell
Collection: Joanne Ross

Plate 18 # 7a p.157

Male Phoebis senna SleepingPhoebis senna caterpillars on Cassia alata

Caterpillar turning into chrysalis 

Recognizing females of the common Phoebis sennae sennae and
the new Aphrissa orbis Orbis in the field is very difficult.
There is more variability with respect to hue and markings in Phoebis sennae
so that complicates the issue.
Here are some comparative observations Dr. Jacqueline Miller of the
Florida Museum of Natural History
kindly illustrates this with their picture library.

Aphrissa orbis Female

  • The marking near the end of the forewing cell is usually dark brown and slightly cut out along the outer margin.
  • Below, this end cell spot is enlarged and more magenta with white overscaling. The same color combination can be seen along the lateral or outside margin on the forewing.
  • There is a reddish brown, jagged submarginal spotband that extends from near the FW apex and extends about half way down the wing.
  • Basic color below is clear in color.
  • Brown border along lateral margin of HW very reduced.

Phoebis senna senna Female

  • Female above, marking at the end of the cell is circular with usually an open circle (white or off white) in center.
  • Marking at end of cell becomes double spots, silver in center and outlined in reddish brown.
  • A reddish brown submarginal spotband which extends nearly to the anal or near the posterior margin of the wing.
  • Basic color below is usually "peppered" with red to reddish-brown to brown scales.
  • Brown border of HW more complete; FW above border along the lateral margin crescent shaped.
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