Panoquina lucas / Sugar Cane skipper (Fabricius 1793)

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The difference between Panoquina sylvicola and
Panoquina lucas is very slight, Dr Askew prefers to assign
all Caymanian insects to the nominated subspecie which flies
on the mainland and in Cuba.

Dr Miller of the Mc Guire center in Florida however assigns
Panoquina sylvicola (Herrich-Schäffer 1865)
to the subspecie found on Grand Cayman.

White line on the lower wing of Panoquina sylvicola Splayed wings
Photo; Joanne Ross

Plate 32 # 17 p.236

This butterfly was sighted the 19th of November 2002 in
Webster's Estate (South Sound).

The lower wing has a distinctive line in Panoquina lucas
that is missing in Panoquina ocala
and again see the difference between
Cymaenes tripunctus / Three Spot Skipper below left
and Panoquina ocala / Ocala Skipper below right
Cymaenes tripunctus / Three Spot Skipper Panoquina ocala / Ocala Skipper

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